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Learning Analytics

Monitor individual learners' progress throughout their academic lifecycle and help make life changing decisions based on your assessment records.

Dedicated Technical Support

Our technical support team is always available to cater to our users' needs. We are available through messenger, mobile phone, and even video calls.

Online and Offline Learning

Access our LMS web portal for online learning and feature-rich interface. Students may also use our downloadable "Mobile App" suited for offline and or modular learning.

Multi-Platform Access

Use our LMS using different devices such as mobile phones, tablets, PC. it can even run on Android, Windows, Mac, iOS, Linus, and many more. All you need is an internet connection and a web browser.

Rapid Information Dissemination

Post announcements and news within the LMS for your students to view or send SMS text blast notifications.

School Calendar Tracking

School calendar allows students to keep track of official school events and other important dates.

Video Conferencing

Choose from our wide-array of video conferencing platforms to better suit your needs and conduct online classes.

Active Notifications

our active notification system ensures that students are notified through SMS whenever a new learning material or assessment is uploaded by the instructor in the LMS.


Send messages between faculties and students using the LMS as an official communications channel.

Parental Portal

Introducing the Parent Portal where parents can view and monitor the progress of their children.

File Uploads

Upload file templates and other materials such as students manual, forms, etc.

Community Forum

Engage with other students in discussions and forum to exchange different ideas.

School Dashboard

chool Dashboard lets administrator monitor the actual LMS utilization by teachers and visit their virtual classrooms to view their class activities and student interactions.

SMS Text Blast

Compose and send bulk SMS announcements to students. Students also receives real-time SMS notifications to keep them updated whenever teachers uploads new course materials and activities.

and many more...

We constantly bring updates to our LMS as there are still lots of usefull features that we will be delivering to you.


Happy Users





Homeworks are appropriate for activities that are to be submitted by the students at a later time. Students are required to attach a file to submit.


Instructors can manage test banks and administer tests to the students online. Once the student has already taken the test, the LMS will automatically produce the test results and displayed to the instructor.


Open-ended type of quizzes can also be given to the students. Instructor can make essay tests with pre-defined rubrics.


Post text-only activities to display details that does not require any visual element. These are mostly used to display Instructions, reminders, quotes, and important short notes.

Youtube Videos

Upload your instructional videos on Youtube and add them as a playable video streaming service within the LMS. This ensures smooth playback of videos by utilizing Youtube’s video streaming technology which will benefit those with lower internet speeds.

Downloadable Files

Instructors can attach files for the students to download. These are usually supplemental materials such as reviewers, lecture notes, and many more.

Web Links

To enhance learning, instructors can also add external links from other web sites for the students to explore and learn.

Facebook Posts

One unique feature of our LMS is the ability to link Facebook posts directly from the LMS without having to leave the platform.

Quick Polls

Quick Polls or surveys are useful when there is a need for the students to vote on a decision or just to instantly know the opinion of the entire class.


Inclusivity is one of the core philosophy of Infinit LMS. Unlike other LMS that only offers exclusive contents, Infinit LMS lets you upload any content in any format for the students to utilize. This ensures academic freedom without limits.

SMS Notifications

No need to inform students about recently added activities and contents. Infinit LMS manages its own SMS server to give students real-time updates whenever new contents are available.

and many more...

We constantly bring updates to our LMS since there are still lots of useful features that we envision to deliver to our clients.

Why choose Infinit LMS?

Throughout the years, we have been collaborating with the academe to deliver the best LMS that will satisfy our clients.

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Learning Analytics

Learning Analytics

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Our Team

Meet our vibrant and dynamic team! We are happy to serve you.

Somerset Elcid Siang, MIS

Chief Executive Officer

Efrhain Louis Pajota, MIS

Chief Technology Officer

Wedmark Parajes

Chief Operating Officer

John Mark Dumanig, MIM

Chief Information Officer

External Contributors and Data Analytics Consultants

Aside from our very own learning analytics, we have also partnered with professionals to provide third-party data analytics designed and developed by academic experts.


Analytics Consultant/Contributor


Analytics Consultant/Contributor

Frequently Asked Questions

Do schools need to set-up their own web, database, and file management servers to implement the LMS? What are the costs associated with the utilization of the LMS?

Infinit LMS is a cloud-based application whose servers are managed by our counterparts in the United States. All you have to pay for is a very minimal subscription fee per student, and the rest is up to us.

Is Infinit LMS user-friendly?

Compared to other LMS, Infinit LMS is designed for best user experience using social media sites as design inspiration of class activities modules. The class activity module uses a timeline design to enhance user interface familiarity.

What is the advantage of Infinit LMS against other Publishing companies that offers LMS with content?

Inclusivity is the core foundation of Infinit LMS. Unlike other LMS that only offers exclusive contents, Infinit LMS lets you upload any content in any format for the students to utilize. This ensures academic freedom without limits.

Is Infinit LMS expensive?

Infinit LMS is by far the most affordable LMS being offered in the market with features at par or better against those being offered by commercial LMS providers.

Do you provide technical support?

We provide hotline services for technical support to ensure that our clients’ concerns are immediately attended to.

What are the requirements in using Infinit LMS? What type of gadget or specific devices should be used?

Infinit LMS is developed to run on all electronic devices capable of browsing the internet. Users can use mobile phones, tablets, or desktop computers. It will run on any Operating System (Windows, Linux, Mac, etc.).

How well do you understand the needs of the academic industry in terms of the requirements for online education?

Infinit LMS is designed by fellow educators in the academe with broad knowdledge and understanding towards the current situation and demand. The application is also being developed by Information Systems experts in the I.T. industry.

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